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Setting up the Circus Space at the Ukrainian Border
After 3 days of intense work we set up the circus space at the Ukrainian border, next to a huge registration center to offer a creative and playful space for the kids fleeing from the war.

With an amazing support of the whole team, our wonderful partners on the spot and great help from Berlin we could establish this peaceful and safe garden of playfulness. We join the forces with the local activists on the spot to make this place become a beautiful oasis where kids can freely express themselves and feel the empowerment of circus magic…

Thanks everyone to make this dream become reality and we need your further support to keep the project alive and share the smile with the kids, so please support us with donations, we are very grateful for your help:

video by Tina Eichner

>>>The Action starts<<<
After some practice-time and getting into costume we were ready for our first circus action at a Wellcome-center. Aaron, Anjane, Fiona, Viky, Tomek and our documentarist Tina entered with a walking circus performance and moved playfully through the former shopping mall inviting the children for the circus show at the kids space. The circus magic started to shine and we shared many smiles and playful interactions on our way moving through the centre. When we arrived to the kids space and set up the stage, our small show could beginn: With a juggling, acrobatics, pois, rope walking and a lot of #clowning we told a small story about the journey towards the land of #peace and after the grande finale we invited the kids to join the #playful adventure. We opened the space with face-painting, bubbles and dance for the kids to enjoy the #circus flow. With the common language of play and the magic of imagination we empowered the kids to start to explore the various circus disciplines and express their playfulness with us. We finished the visit with a small circus parade through the centre and shared our joy and gratitude with the people around.

Photo by Tina Eichner

Preparing the Circus Actions
After our arrival to a place in Poland, we started to explore the situation at the #UkrainianBorder : we visited two big registration centers: The first one was placed in a huge empty shopping centre and had a very well established support structure with many NGOs and volunteers offering help with food, clothes, medical care, accommodation, necessary information about transport and kids activities. The Ukrainian people arrive mainly with big busses and stay for few days before leaving to their further destinations. Many #children were around and joined us when we started to do some small #circus interactions. We set up the contacts with the #kids space and agree to return next day with a small #circusshow and interactive animation in the morning. We spoke with the different volunteers to get a more clear picture about the current situation and were very touched by the stories and insights we heard. It motivated us even more to bring the joy and playfulness of the circus to this place. The second #registration place was also in a huge empty shopping mall in the middle of nowhere. Here we saw much more police and army presence, the coordination was very centralized through the local authorities and it took us some time to get through with our offer. The atmosphere was more tensioned, we were checked by several policemen and got the feedback that doing circus at Easter doesn’t fit fully and we agree to return in the next days and set up a circus space inside the centre to play with the kids. We also went to see how is the situation directly at the border in order to see if there is support needed. We saw on the polish side my stands and tents provided by NGOs from all around the world to welcome and support the people arriving from Ukraine, with food, toys, clothes, medical support, warm drinks. We crossed the border by foot to see how the situation is on the other side and there were also support point provided but much less. The traffic was mainly with buses, coaches and small vans. But people were only passing through and making further their way, so we decided to focus our activities mainly on the registration centers. Later we also explore smaller Hosting Centres around the area, where the families are staying, here we also offered circus animation and build up contacts for strategic cooperation.

Our Journey begins – Circus comes to Ukrainian Border
After a month of planning, organizing and preparing we finally start our adventure to bring the circus magic to the Ukrainian-Polish border.
Thanks to the success of the Gala and all the donors we go 2500€ and a lot of circus equipment to bring to the children at the registrations centers at the border.
With the support of the whole team we load our two cars, had a common farewell dinner and started in the morning the nearly 1000km to Przymysl, where we planned to have our base for the first days.
Our 7 couraged pioneers from the team who joined in the two full loaded cars were Aaron, Aion, Anjane, Fiona, Tina, Viky, Tomek. The feeling of making this dream real gave us a strong motivation to make this step into the unknown. After more than 12hours of driving we arrived happily to Przymysl and were ready to start our circus mission.
video by: Tina Eichner @tinaeichnerphotography

Circus Animation at the MOOS with the Ukrainian community in Berlin
With our mobile circus team we started to support with circus animation the activities for the Ukrainian community in Berlin. We offered different games and hold workshops on every Tuesday and Thursday in the yard and shared our circus magic with the kids coming to the MOOS in the Moosdorfstr. 7-9.
The universal language of playfulness helps to build bridges and connect the local kids from the neighborhood with the Ukrainian children coming to the place. Feel welcome to join us and become part of the circus activites at MOOS. Thanks a lot for the great team holding the space and supporting the activities.

Photos made by @panrayphotography

“Colors of Peace” – Solidarity Circus Gala

“Colors of Peace” – Solidarity Circus Gala, last Sunday at Zirkus Mond, has been a wonderful Light of Hope and Joy sharing the magic of the circus with the intention of peace and solidarity.

We celebrated together the magnificent circus art presented by the Ukrainian circus artists performing for the first time in Berlin and could support the Mobile Circus For Peace project.

A HUUUUUGE THANK YOU for everyone making this fantastic moment possible and allow the circus solidarity to flow:
the performing artists: Marharyta Bohdan, Sofia Kotelenets, Melaniia Kobaliia, @victoriia_malinovska_ , Markian Strotsiak, Dasha Ilnitskaya, Sofiia Latyuk, @angelina_fedorko and Alexandra Chala, Melaniia Bychkova-Andriievska, @arina_zinchenko2020 the singer: Alina Zolotariova the moderation duo: @marylovemagic &@masha.gerashchenko, the DJane: @juliia_jazz the stage hands: @weltenbummlerinloewenherz, @atillaaaron, @lelesmovementarts
the riggers: Boris the organization team: @daniel_burow, Marie, Tomek, Mary, Aaron, Leonie, Anjane, Fiona, Viky, Tina, Gaia the animators: Anjane, Gaia, Fiona, @ceciliaiaconelli,, @chiara.capo, Jenni, Manoush, Marta
the media support with photo and video: @tinaeichnerphotography, @panrayphotography , @_imagoria_ the warm host: @zirkus_mond
the light technician: Alex the bar team: Maria & Max the door crew: @viktoriya.678 & Myroslav; the music: @circus_tomek Our the donors: @justjugglingaround , @zirkusladen , @zirkus_hoppla Our supporting partners: @lamule_cirque , Zirkus macht Stark e.V., @CircusSpacePirates
All the wonderful visitors and supporters joining us on this day…

Film created by: Tina Eichner @tinaeichnerphotography

Our Mission

For Berlin:
We support with our mobile Circus Team a space of movement and encounter with circus pedagogical activities, playful animation and integrative circus actions: at the places of arrival , the initial reception, temporary accommodations, at the offer for the Ukrainian children (Ukrainian School, local neighbourhoods, cultural centres), at Administration cues

At the Polish-Ukrainian border:
We support the Ukrainian people directly at the PL-UA border, by building an infrastructure for circus pedagogical activities (circus tent, props, mats, light&sound equipment) and organizing an offer for the arriving people in cooperation with the activists on site.

Our partners supporting the project:

LaMule Cirque e.V.

Our Actions

CIRCUS WORKSHOPS – structured pedagogical offers, one day but also for a longer time frame (1-2 weeks), with a final show for families and mates

CIRCUS ANIMATION- open space activities, trying out disciplines, circus games

MOBILE CIRCUS SHOWS– small performances for the kids and families

OPEN CIRCUS SPACE- Prepared space where kids can taste the circus magic & get creative

INTERNAL TRAININGS– preparation for the team for the actions we take

Our Team

We are an open collective of circus artists, pedagogues, activists who join forces to make this supportive actions possible.

IF you wish to join the team, feel welcome to contact us and fill out the team google form:

Support us

Please support us: If You can donated circus material, costumes or funds for making our work possible
THANK YOU for your donations and support

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„The circus is an ageless delight. Young or old, rich or poor, east or west, north or south, circus reaches all of us”

Ernest Hamingway

About Us

Facing terror and suffering of people from Ukraine, we want to support with our mobile circus teams a safe space of playful encounter and strengthening of self-perception of the Ukrainian kids.

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